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Volume 5, Jan. - May 2000
Welcome to Electronic Elementary. This magazine highlights internet projects, activities, and creations of elementary students around the world

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For Reading and Doing!
• Dream Project
Young peoples' dreams hold the promise of tomorrow. You can see it in the writings of last year's dreamers. We hope they will inspire you to write and share your own visions and aspirations in the I Have A Dream, Too! project.
Cybersnow Village
Cybersnow Village is open... Enjoy the Fashion Snow Show and writings from past years. Help build the first Snow village of the new millenium!
Lost and Found Tooth Project

What do you get when classes from around the world collaborate to build a tooth creature? We're not sure, but it looks something like an alien tooth fairy. At least that's what the kids at Cromwell Valley Elementary, home of the 3rd annual Lost and Found Tooth Project, think.

•  Poetry Pals

Calling all poets. A visit to Poetry Pals will jumpstart your imagination.

Amazing Insects

Be a schoolyard naturalist and share your data with students from around the world in the Amazing Insects project (Groveland Elementary, MN)


MidLink Magazine

Visit MidLink Magazine for terrific projects and activities for middle grade students.

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