University of Maryland K-12 Resources

* ArtsEdge - National Arts and Education Information Network
Resources that support art as a core K-12 subject.
* Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)
Offers current resources of interest to educators, specifically those concerned with K-12 education.
Gopher address: gopher://
* The Best of Kidopedia
A global Children's Encyclopedia written by kids; available in different languages.
* Classroom Earth
Focuses on using the Inernet to access, analyze, and apply information about the environment.
* EdWeb, The Online K-12 Guide
Explore on-line educational resources around the world, learn about trends in education reform and the "information highway," examine success stories of computers in the classroom, and much more.
* The Electronic School
A publication for all K-12 school leaders and educators who want to enhance student learning through the use of technology.
* Global Schoolhouse Project
* Global SchoolNet Foundation
Geared toward linking students with other students around the world.
* Janice's K-12 Cyberspace Outpost
* K-12 Opportunities and Resources from CNIDR
* Kidlink
Aimed at getting kids ages 10-15 involved in global networking and dialogue.
* Kids Web: A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids
Primarily a subject arrangement targeting infomation that is useful and interesting to K-12 school children.
* MDK-12 (Maryland K-12 Community)
K-12 resources specific to Maryland; maintained by Dick Atlee.
* NASA Spacelink
Electronic information system related to the space program.
* Newton Educational BBS
Presented by the Argonne National Library/University of Chicago for the US Department of Energy, focuses on math and science. Requires visitors to select a login ID and password to use for future visits.
* Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching
* SchoolWeb Exploration Project
* TeacherServe
The National Humanities Center Interactive Enrichment Service for High School Teachers.
* Technology and Information Educational Services
TIES helps educators apply technology to education in administrative and instructional areas.
* TeleRead
Plan to get electronic books into homes through the use of a National Digital Library.
* Windows to the Universe
k-12 Science Server.  


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