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Golden ID Student Program

The College Park Campus participates in the University of Maryland's Golden Identification Student Program. The institution will make available courses and various services to persons who are 60 years of age or older, who are legal residents of the State of Maryland and who are retired (not engaged in gainful employment for more than 20 years a week). Eligible persons register on a space available basis for credit courses as regular or special students in any session and receive a Golden Identification Card.
Golden ID students must meet all course pre and co-requisite requirements. Golden ID students are not Consortium courses with the waiver of fees. College Park tutition is waived. A general fee is assessed. Golden ID students may register for a maximum of three courses per term. The Golden Identification Card will entitle eligble persons to certain academic services, including the use of libraries, as well as certain other non-academic services. Such services will be availble during any session only to persons who have registered for one or more courses for that session.
For more information, contact Ms. Addie Beatty, 1101 Mitchell Building 314-8219

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