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Diversity at the University of Maryland

* Diversity-Related Programs at the University of Maryland
A listing of diversity related programs and resources available at the University of Maryland.

* Religious Diversity: The Memorial Chapel at the University of Maryland
The UMD Memorial Chapel was built in 1952 as a tribute to those University of Maryland students, faculty and staff that have died serving the United States of America in the armed forces. The non-denominational and picturesque Memorial Chapel with its gleaming white steeple and white columns, sits majestically atop a hill overlooking the campus. Here is a listing of all the chaplains.

* Diversity Timeline
The University of Maryland's diversity timeline.

* Studies and Reports on Diversity at The University of Maryland
University of Maryland Studies, reports, and surveys on diversity and multicultural related material.

* Past Articles
Past articles about issues related diversity at the University of Maryland.

* Diversity Accountability and Implementation Plans at the University of Maryland (1995-1996)
The UMCP Diversity Accountability and Implementation Plan ("DAIP") is the comprehensive mechanism by which the various units of the campus will determine how best they can help the campus attain its primary diversity goals, and then monitor them for effectiveness.

* Faculty and Staff Searches at the University of Maryland
Procedures And Guidelines
Equity Council Training Program

* The Value of Diversity in the University: A Statement by a Faculty-Staff Committee at UM (March 1997)
This document describes and explains the pursuit of diversity at the University of Maryland at College Park. It has been produced by a faculty-staff commitee in response to a recommendation contained in the Report of the Asian, Hispanic, and Native American Task Force.

* University of Maryland Students experiencing problems - where to send them
A listing of possible student problems, and who students should contact in the case of such problems.

* Racial, Religious, Ethnic, and Sexual Orientation (RRES) incidents - where to send them
List of contacts for students experiencing or witnessing discrimination against people with disabilities or discrimination based on RRES.

* University of Maryland Organizations
A listing of student and other campus organizations at the University of Maryland.

* University of Maryland Committees/Taskforces
A listing of the University of Maryland's committees and taskforces.

* Office of Human Relations Program's Diversity Resources
OHRP's list of resources available on campus.

* Office of LGBT Equity
Located within the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, the goal is to create a campus where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and allied students, staff, faculty, and alumni are included fully in the intellectual life, the social fabric, and every other area of the university; to create a campus where LGBT issues are regarded as legitimate intellectual pursuits, and where LGBT people are affirmed as valued participants in university endeavors and recognized for their contributions.

* UM Libraries' Diversity Committee
The Libraries' Diversity Committee exists to implement the campus' Diversity Initiative in the libraries and on campus.

* University of Maryland Policies
A listing of policies related to diversity and discrimination at the University of Maryland.

* University of Maryland Diversity Survey
Survey Findings
University of Maryland Diversity Survey findings, published May 1995.

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